Six Tips For a Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment


Girl, this is YOUR time. The most important piece of advice I can offer is to truly have fun and enjoy your appointment. Shopping for any piece of clothing can be scary, intimidating and confusing. It’s important to stop and remember the meaning of this experience and the meaning your dress will have for you. Your wedding dress should encompass all that you are and all that you want to be for your partner. Sexy? Stylish? Fun? Flirty? Bold? Bring that fun-loving energy to your appointment and I promise, it will be the best day ever! (except for your wedding day of course).

2. Have an Open Mind

There’s no one who is as “strong minded” as I am – except maybe my husband… but I’ll tell you what – never in a million years did I expect to wear the gown that I did on my wedding day. I had a completely different vision in my mind of what my dress may look like, but I’m so glad that I tried on a bunch of different silhouettes and fabrics until I found the one that was just right for me. Dresses can look very different in a photo from the internet or even on a hanger in front of you! If there’s something about a dress that you like, but it wasn’t what you initially envisioned, give it a try! You never know…

3. Wear Nude or Light Colored Undergarments

During your wedding dress shopping appointment, you will be in and out of lots of different gowns that may vary in silhouettes. I highly suggest wearing a nude thong (if you are comfortable doing so) and a nude, strapless or sticky bra. This will allow you to easily view each gown without the distraction of undergarments showing through the light-colored fabric. Don’t have any “nude” undergarments? No worries. Any white or light-colored undergarment will do! Just stay away from bold patterns or dark-colored fabrics.

4. Do Your Research – but Not Too Much…

I’m guilty of over researching everything that I do. Sometimes my investigative skills come in handy, but sometimes it can cloud my judgment. The same is definitely true for researching wedding dresses. Pinterest is a great tool for looking at lots of different styles and is easy to use for organizing your vision. It’s very helpful to come into an appointment with some sort of guideline of what you would like to try on. The part that can be tricky, is to not be too picky! Refer back to tip #2 about having an open mind!

5. Bring Your “Tried and True” Crew

Who is with during your wedding dress shopping can greatly affect the outcome of your time in the store. It’s always helpful to have a second or even a third opinion when shopping for something as important as a wedding dress, but just like too much research, too many opinions can cloud your judgement! At Dressed in Love, we truly believe that every woman is unique with their style, body type, budget, etc – so make sure that your crew has your best interest in mind! Gather up the ladies in your life that make you feel good, uplifted and confident. Bring them with you to cheer you on and help you navigate your appointment – but remember, this is YOUR dress and YOUR appointment!

6. Review Your Budget

The “B word” – budgeting for a wedding gown can be tough! The best advice I can offer is to stay within your limits. Review your budget with your bridal crew before coming to the appointment with you (if you feel comfortable sharing that info) so that everyone in attendance is on the same page. It can be dangerous when your friend Sally suggests you try on the $3500 dress when your budget is $2000… Be realistic with yourself when setting your budget. Remember that your gown and the photos of you in your gown will be one of the only tangible things left from your wedding day, while also keeping it in perspective for your individual financial status. At Dressed in Love we offer a wide range of “budget-friendly” dresses and also have various financing options to help you achieve your wedding dress dreams!

Thanks for reading my Dressed in Love Diary!
xo, Amanda