wedding dress

Of course, I am partial to the importance of a wedding dress because I am in the biz, but I want to share my take on why I believe a wedding dress is one of the most important things about your wedding day!

**Before we go any further, this diary entry is all relative – some brides place more importance on certain aspects of their weddings and that is TOTALLY cool! This just may help to shed some light on the importance of a wedding dress from a different perspective.**

I often get comments like, “It’s just something I’m wearing for ONE day!” – which is absolutely true for most (unless you’re super sentimental and break it out for anniversaries!). You will likely wear your wedding dress for a total of 10 hours on your wedding day.  So why spend money on something you’ll wear once?!

So let’s think about that for a second. While it is true about the length of time you will wear your dress, there is something to be said for the memories that are created in the dress and remembered forever. When your wedding day is over and your wedding photographer sends you photos from your day, there is one thing that will consistently be in almost every photo, your wedding dress!! Photos of you and your husband, your bridal portraits, you and your bridal party, photos with friends at your reception… from start to finish, you will be captured all day in your wedding dress. 

I want you to look your best on your wedding day, but more importantly, I want you to FEEL your best.  You should look back on your photos and think, “Wow, I looked so beautiful and felt so beautiful that day.”  I have heard so many women say that they wish they chose a different dress for their wedding day because they don’t like the way they look in their photos. Keep that in mind while researching and shopping for your wedding dress.  While it may seem frivolous to buy an expensive item to wear for one day, keep in mind, those memories in the dress will last a lifetime!

Thanks for reading my Dressed in Love Diary!

xo, Amanda