Paloma Bianca

So, you said “yes” to your dress at Dressed in Love Bridal Suite! Congrats, DIL Bride! Curious about what happens next? Here’s a quick overview of our samples at the suite and how we order YOUR wedding dress!

Typically, the dresses that you try on at the suite are called samples. These samples are what we use to showcase each designers’ dresses, giving you the ability to try them on before you buy them! After you find your dream dress, one of our stylists will measure you for what we call a Special Order. This order will be placed with the designer of your dress to ensure that the dress is “made for you”! We will review your dress size, the style number of your dress, and any other pertinent information for your order.

After we collect your deposit, your Special Order will be entered with the designer of your dress. From the time your Special Order is entered to the time your dress arrives back to us can vary between designers. Typically, you can expect at least a 16 week time period for the designer to make your dress and get it shipped back to us. In some cases, we can do a “rush” with the designers to expedite the process.

Once your order is placed and your dress is made, your dress will be shipped back to us at Dressed in Love Bridal Suite, at which time you can schedule your Dress Pick Up Appointment! Yay! Keep in mind, the ordering process can seem lengthy, as we are used to being able to Amazon Prime things overnight! We know that 16 weeks can seem like forever when you’re waiting for your dream dress – but we promise, it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for reading my Dressed in Love Diary!

xo, Amanda