Paloma Blanca Style 4914 | Bridal Fashion Friday

Dress: Style #4914 by Paloma Blanca

There are no two ways about it. A woman’s body is statuesque. Knowing this, recent bridal fashion has produced a plethora of diverse choices for today’s discerning bride. If what you want most in your dress is a classic simplicity that accents your statuesque figure but also hints of the passionate woman beneath it, let us introduce you to Style #4914 by Paloma Blanca.

The most important choice for the construction of classic simplicity is the fabric. Here, she starts with luscious Paloma Satin which defines your shape by giving each curve of your body its awe moment. The fit and flair silhouette outlines a striking hourglass figure. Intricately placed seams along the backside further the sculpt.

Oh, but the uncovered areas are an integral part of this look, too. A breathtaking scoop neckline in front shows more than enough skin, with your slender neck and clavicle stealing the show here. Simple straps are up to their task of keeping your full cleavage so beautifully outlined yet still remaining ever so tasteful and classic. She finishes up with an open, low back that dives to just below your waistline while an exquisite hand-beaded belt clarifies just exactly where that is. An ample but not overdone train completes your image of class and style.

There are no rules when it comes to which dress is best for which time of the year anymore. If the environment is comfortable for you, then you should wear whatever you desire. That said, this dress does lend itself best to a warm day.

Style #4914 by Paloma Blanca is a bold choice that delivers, with subtlety and grace, so much for the eye to behold. A dress does not need a lot of design elements to WOW. This one shines in the vein of “less is more”. Your spouse-to-be with be totally enthralled with your beauty as you walk down the aisle. And your guests will not soon forget your classic glow.

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