Joanne by Watters | Bridal Fashion Friday

Dress: Joanne by Watters

The striking silhouette of a dress made of mesh is our highlighted look for this week. Once again we are moving away from the tried and true and throwing the spotlight onto a more modern and bolder option. The warmer weather of Spring and Summer call for less fabric. Less fabric means a bride with a style all her own. The dress you are looking for could be Joanne by Watters – it checks those boxes!

She begins with a sheath silhouette. This is a form-fitting midi dress with ruched detailing. Stretch mesh and tulle fabric creates an almost crepe-like appearance. Don’t be fooled by its light look. It is lined with Abrazo mesh and can stand up to all the activities of your Special Day. She has no need for intricate patterns or beading. This dress sings simplicity yet it’s anything but plain. Truly it might be described as an austere breath of freshness.

And what would such a unique dress be without an amazing flattering neckline? Draped off-the-shoulder sleeves made of stretched mesh will draw every eye to your gorgeous bosom, the outline of your collarbone, your graceful neck and those bare shoulders. You can certainly inch the sleeves up from a straight line if you are feeling a bit demure. Still, the horizontal image they will create, down around your upper arms, is pure serendipity. She teases everyone with a bare back and just the slightest little slit just below your behind.

The choices for accessorizing this look are endless. A short veil, a French braid with some flower accents, a feminine and fabulous updo, barrettes or combs. Almost any option will work. Heels will take her to another level and an ankle bracelet is then a must. Imagine yourself seated for the removal of your garter. A lot of leg will be visible for your new spouse and there will be so much anticipation. Yes, Joanne by Watters will stir the imagination. Your wedding album will be filled with images of Festivities, Fashion and Freshness. Aahhh.

Are you ready to try her on? Make an appointment with us to see for yourself.

Check back with us next week for another featured dress for Bridal Fashion Fridays!

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