Meringue by Watters | Bridal Fashion Friday

Dress: Meringue by Watters

Are you the bride who wants Fun and Frolicking to be a continuous part of your Special Day? Not every women wants that traditional, serious marriage ceremony. Picture a beach wedding or your ceremony at your favorite ballpark. Maybe you want to go to Vegas! Or you might just want to have a picnic. Anything goes, as long as it’s all you. Well, if the image in your head is of a day filled with mirth and merry-making, Meringue by Watters is the dress for you.

Oh, she is a fabulous, short statement dress. Whimsy is her mantra. She starts with a sheath silhouette made of Dupioni silk. Puff sleeves add a bit of playful Princess while the plunging neckline reminds everyone that you are anything but demure. Regardless of the size of your bosom, she will deliver a tasteful, sassy bit of skin. Her waistline flatters your figure even more as it gathers in a belt-like design. What is that hiding there along the side seams? Pockets! Woo Hoo! And she finishes with a tie back to tease your new mate with images of undoing that later. There will be smiles all around when your guests see you coming down the aisle – you’re a breath-of-fresh-air beauty.

There are so many options for accessories here. Virtually any footware will work but boots, espadrilles or stilettos might be the most exciting. And, oh my, your headpiece. Long veil, short veil, combs, flowers, hat, ball cap maybe – the skies the limit. Whatever feels the most fun will do. All of your guests will remember you as the bride whose wedding was full of Feel Good moments and Fun Times. With Meringue by Watters, you will be bringing Joy and your own unique style and feel to your Dreams.

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