Stevie by La Perle by Calla Blanche | Bridal Fashion Friday

Dress: Stevie by La Perle by Calla Blanche

Dramatic but Delicate might be the best way to describe our featured look for this week – Stevie by La Perle by Calla Blanche. This is a dress for any bride regardless of her stature or body type. She is an exquisite example of a gown for everyone from a society woman or high power executive to a tomboy or the girl next door. From the model to the fitness trainer to the work-from-home entrepreneur or the dog walker.

She starts off with a Fit & Flare sheath silhouette totally covered in Ivory floral lace. Stunning! An illusion off-the-shoulder neckline gives the perception of bare shoulders. If you are not familiar with this design element, this beauty is just the piece to help you get acquainted. No need to show all of your actual skin. The tasteful nude fabric does the teasing for you. The back has the same illusion as it plunges almost to your waistline. The lace appliqués over the nude illusion fabric in front create a sweetheart pattern.

Her whimsical, wing-like, statement long sleeves really amp up the drama without being heavy. Instead they are the opposite and add a touch of Boho Chic airiness. Last but certainly not least is her cascading, abundant train. You are a vision for your Special Day.

This is that rare example of a dress that looks light and longing for a warm day but could truly be perfect for a cool Autumn wedding or even a mild Winter ceremony. Sure, lots of brides choose the Spring or Summer to exchange vows. But then there are those of us who love the other two seasons. The wonderful thing about the illusion fabric is that it adds warmth and coverage for the bride that wants her nuptials to happen in cooler climes. Stevie by La Perle is a magnificent choice for EVERY season and EVERY bride.

Want to try her on to see if she just may be the dress of your dreams? Make an appointment with us. We’re here and happy to help find your match.

Check back with us next week for another featured dress for Bridal Fashion Fridays!

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