Ruthie by Watters | Bridal Fashion Friday

Dress: Ruthie by Watters

Summer weddings are simply divine, aren’t they? For the bride whose dream has been of a warm, even hot day, for their nuptials, the dress will absolutely have to breathe. And this dress does. It must be youthful and different. No gowns for you! Ruthie by Watters is what you have been looking for.

She begins with an A-line Middy dress. Her silhouette is classic and her composition is light and airy. Of course she is sleeveless. And she has the most delicate straps to hold up her fabulous Illusion Tulle bodice. Her sequin appliqués are of both a Large and Small Julep motif, with beautiful beads strategically placed to make those appliqués pop.

There are ample opportunities to show some skin via her low “V” neckline and plunging, deep “V” back. Remember, sleeveless means bare arms and shoulders, so your guests will see as much of you as they will of your dress, as the sun kisses your skin all the day through.

Her skirt is flirty in matte organza and tulle. The slightest hint of a belt gathers at your waist to separate it from the gorgeous bodice. Your silky legs will be yet another focal point because there is no full skirt to cover them. Your choice of footwear will be an integral part of your total look and there will be no shortage of options, in that regard. Those brides of shorter stature could opt for a 4” heel. Taller brides might go with an open-toed sandal or mid-heel. Whatever your preference might be, this dress will make it shine.

How about your headpiece? Anything goes here, as well. An airy veil would look amazing but then so would simple flowers in your hair. Perhaps they could match or accent the ones in your bouquet. There are so many “Summer” flowers like roses, geraniums, hydrangea, and others for you to choose from. When you are wearing Ruthie by Watters, you and she will paint a portrait of LOVE.

Are you ready to try her on? Make an appointment with us to see for yourself.

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