Dress: Chica by Wtoo by Watters

In Bridal Fashion, Classic dress styles have earned that status by continually delivering upon their promise to make the bride’s wedding day dreams a reality. For every bride who longs for something completely different though, there are dozens more who simply want a style that has stood the test of time. But even those styles can be given a touch of modern creativity by a thoughtful designer. Chica by Wtoo by Watters is just such a dress.

She begins with the most Classic of silhouettes, the A-line. Shuler Satin Organza is the fabric choice here and what a brilliant choice it is. Her straight neckline gives the bust line form and support while still leaving the neck and shoulders bare and beautiful. Oh, but wait! The contrast between her exquisite satin fabric and your exposed skin continues from the waist, down. 

Seeing her from the front will surely bring about images of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, with no need for the air from a subway vent. This is where the reason for this choice of fabric becomes obvious. The sheer volume of her skirt paired with an ingenious lifting of the front-most panels, creates a picture of airy bliss that will highlight your gorgeous gams. And the satin organza pulls it off wonderfully.

The back of this beauty has even more subtle surprises. A hand-made floral bouquet brooch adorns your back. It begins as a bunch of flowers and then cascades gently into a few single floral stems. The playful pockets add both practicality and a prop for some fabulous photos. You are stunning.

Footwear will be a key component of your overall look. Those who love heals will be able to show off well toned calves. The openness of the neckline almost begs for a flattering necklace. Still, jewelry options are truly limitless. With Chica by Wtoo by Watters, your modern take on a proven Classic will transform you into the bride everyone remembers.

Are you ready to try her on? Make an appointment with us to see for yourself.

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