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Dress: Santana by Calla Blanche

Versatility can be a Blessing when it comes to Bridal fashion. It is especially so when your ceremony does not have to be booked years in advance. If you have a relative’s beautiful backyard or a friend’s patio and grounds as your venue, the wedding could happen at any time – even on a whim. For that bride, choosing a dress that would work in any season or with any type of weather is key. Here she is – Santana by Calla Blanche.

She begins with a Fit and Flare, sheathe silhouette, completely covered in 3-D lace. Floral appliqués, sequins and beaded details give her added depth and dramatic effect. She wants everyone’s attention!

She gets it with her stunning “V” neckline and open back. Her straps are but a whisper – light and sheer in the front and sheer or nude in the back. There will be plenty of skin visible whether you choose to add the optional long sleeves, or not. They are sheer, too, so with or without them, skin will still be a factor. A puff effect at the shoulder adds even more shape.

Even with the sleeves, her bodice is lean and minimal. Once you get to her waist though, the minimalism fades away. In the transition from top to bottom, the luscious fabric highlights your hourglass figure. Then as your eye line moves down, she blossoms into a full and flowing skirt. Her long, cascading train has lots of movement. She even has a matching veil, if that is your preference for a headpiece.

Santana by Calla Blanche offers you a lot of look with no real constraints on time off year or venue. Sure, long sleeves suggest a cooler climate but the lightness of those sleeves makes a church with air-conditioning appropriate, an underground venue on-the-mark or remember, they are optional, so you can choose to simply go without them. Any choice you make will certainly be the right one.

Want to try her on to see if she just may be the dress of your dreams? Make an appointment with us to see for yourself.

Check back with us next week for another featured dress for Bridal Fashion Fridays!

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